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I always hold doors for anybody. Be it someone I'm on a date with or just random girls I see, to the really annoying ugly chicks that just keep hanging around me. They seem to appreciate it...

I don't like the idea of ordering food for a girl though. I don't know, it seems like an insult to their intelligence. The girls I go after I usually pretty smart... like, really really smart (I think the girl I have my eye on now has only gotten one B, and she's in a higher level math then I am) so I just wouldn't feel comfortable trying to contral that stuff. But would I buy that food? Damn right I will.
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Well, considering the gentleman opening the door tradition dating from the times of knights in shining armour, when a woman was expendable and could go scout as if some enemy hid in the doorway they might or might not whack her, I think women cops for example can by all means enter crackhouses & such first...

And feminists can open their own freaking doors - in these parts some women take it as an offece. I keep the door open for anyone usually, depending on the situation. As a bouncer you sometimes get tipped
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I do it all the time, usually get a thank you, some just ignore me. I've had quite a few chicks that just stood there looking weird at me and didnt know what was up until I tell them to go ahead and go in and they usually say thank you and a smile. I had one girl just stand next to me and giggle...
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My general rule is to do it until a girl requests you not to. There are those N.O.W. independent types who get offended by it but all the girls I know find it flattering for guys to open their car doors for them, hold open doors to buildings for them, etc.
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Originally posted by nucleus
i do it regardless of sex heh. just common courtesy nowadays
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I've always opened doors for women when the walking order turns out right (hope that makes sense), or if they're too far behind I kinda hold it open an extra second when I walk thru so that it doesn't close by the time I get there. But I usually do that second one to everyone regardless of who they are.
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i'll randomly hold the door when my girl and I are going out somewhere, just to keep her on her toes . other than that, around here (Canada), it's pretty much expected that you'll at least give the door a bit of an extra shove for the person behind you, if you don't hold it for them. there are thank yous said all the time for it too.

Seems Canada is rather polite compared to other places.
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chivalry is never a bad thing.
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Originally posted by MrMaN383
more importantly, who opens the condom wrappers?

birth control = no condoms = i pull and she swallows = teh winnar
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Originally posted by vinnie

I will run ahead and open it for her. When I do run I do it in such a fashion as to make a little bit of a show of it, just for amusements sake. That's usually followed with a 'madam' and a sweep of the arm.

LOL, I'll have to use that one.
Typically, for guys, ill push out the door more so they can get by in time, but I won't stand by and let them walk in first...just wierd.
For girls, I will open the door for them, and let them walk in first. They almost always say thanks, in fact, I can't say I've met a girl who didn't.
Also, my sister says she likes the move she calls "the lunge." Basically, if you're behind the girl, you run ahead/skip a few steps to stretch out and grab it for her....Her and her friends say it scores some points.
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