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see you auntie
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Originally Posted by BlisterDick View Post
like i read the whole thing

[QUOTE=IcW@teR;25113786] it was like available balance 30. i'm like wtf, but i was stoned so i was likw WTF SPEND IT BITCH LOL. so i went to the atm and got 20 out got smokes[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE=IcW@teR;25113786]really, quote tags in your sig?[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE=dio;25134077]Stop being stupid.[/QUOTE]
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Originally Posted by DirtyZero View Post
really not sure how to respond to that ok ...

ignore him hes a pasty white subhuman of a Croatian fucktard that desperately wants to be Serbian instead
Gen[M]ay. Who needs members? We have mods.

Founding [M]ember of the GENTLY CARESS EA Club.

Then the network comes back up. And then down again. Up... and down. It keeps going down like a Clinton intern.
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this shit right here is some HARDCORE SHIT -- its made from PLANT SHIT
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Originally Posted by see you auntie View Post

said outloud :

ohhhh fuck.
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dirtyzero is black
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boobie poo bear luv hugs
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uncle tom black
(╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻
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