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Hmm.. dude she's dating sounds like he's going to start beating her after they're married. And short of putting a bullet through his eyes, you're not going to end this relationship, no matter how noble your intentions. He's going to continue controlling her, she's going to continue taking it. You telling her this is bad is only going to cause her to make more excuses for herself and for the jealous, abusive (yes) boyfriend. So, good luck, and watch your back.
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sounds like she is pulling your leg, and she wants to cheat on her bf with you
for all you know he could be a normal guy who isnt cheating, but she makes you go thru all these little things to talk to her so he doesnt find out...

obviously it can work either way, he could be a dick, she could be a bitch slut...
i say stay out of that big mess
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Carl Rove
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This girl sounds a bit needy, but if she is hot you could try and get away with something casual. Bear in mind though, that if a girl is in a rush to tell you she has a boyfriend (as you said this one was) then it tends to me she isn't interested.

The current BF sounds like a complete psycho. If he owns a large collection of guns you might want to reconsider your course of action.
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well, when I first picked her up and drove her home, she seemed upset a bit. I asked her what happened, she told me she broke up with her boyfriend. She did not announce she has a boyfriend. And when I talk to her, she tries not to mention that fact.

As far as her psycho boyfriend, I am completely confident in my safety. He has no gun or anything like that, is not voilent from what I know. But.. I don't know. If she does want to be with me, I will ask her to end her current relationships. I will not be the person that someone cheats with.
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get her the fuck out of there. the fact that she tells you those things and makes an effort to meet you at all should be a sign.
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Originally Posted by HootBot
get her the fuck out of there. the fact that she tells you those things and makes an effort to meet you at all should be a sign.
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