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I've lived in PA my whole life and now I go to school in NJ. My mom was offered a job in FL and moved down there. Its now my winter break and I am down here visiting her, its really nice but the problem is I don't know anyone here, or anything to do. I've run out of things to do on my own and even though I don't intend on returning (to FL) for a few months I would like to find other people to hang out with, the problem is my mom lives in a community that seems to have noone my age living here. I am 18 and I don't go back to NJ for 2 more weeks, I would like to meet people my age but don't know where to start. If not, tips on keeping occupied alone would also be good, video games are not an option since I've played them the whole time up to this point, neither are movies because i've seen every single movie in theaters ( I was going to a movie every night for lack of anything better to do.
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get a job. dont tell them you're quitting in 2 weeks. You're moving back across the country, just either quit after 2 weeks, or stop showing up. You can meet people there and go out with them, or just work to kill the time, and make a little pocket change.

You wont really build up many friendships in a 2 week span, so I dont really see many options besides just trying to hang out with different people
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That could work, the only problem is the only job experience that I have is delivery, but that would work out horribly because I don't have my car down here, and even if I did I don't know the area well enough, I can however look into food prep. Which was a small part of my job (and by small I mean I cooked once when we were extremly busy) but that is really good advice, thanks a lot.
Either you're slingin' crack-rock, or you've got a wicked jump-shot
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yeah, im home on my christmas break too, not much to do either, and i also can't get a job. so far the only things i found to do are watch anime, play my gba, hang out with family, read a book, and browse genmay.
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go on a 2 week bender it's the only way ...

actually I would suggest going to your local library. There's a wealth of knowledge to be found out there and everyone knows knowledge is power!

Seriously read a book.

Or if that's not interesting enough you could learn a new skill. IE this winter break I'm learning glass blowing (very tricky btw) and I also am practicing/experimenting with aerial shell fireworks.

The man who goes out alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.

--Henry David Thoreau

Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company.
--George Washington

I don't really know why those quotes are applicable, I was looking for another, but I'm gonna give up and go pass out

Goodluck occupying yourself .. you could always just masturbate
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my suggestion would be to go to some 18+ nightclubs and meet some girls. if you want to know where some in your area are, just call the local pop music station and ask. however, doesnt seem like you are that kind of person, i may be wrong though
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I <3 DM
yea read some books, doesnt have to be books to learn somethign from but something to keep you occupied...
and dont be an ass and get a job and stop showing up, that fucks up the managers and they are usually stressed enough as it is
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