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FS: video game/console collection (mainly SNES, some PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, Gamecube)

I am selling my video game collection. It is itemized below. It is mostly SNES games from my youth, along with many of their boxes and manuals, including some all time greats! All together you are getting 5 consoles, 79 games, and a bunch of controllers/memory cards/other accessories.

Overall everything is in fantastic condition. A few of the SNES boxes have slight bends as do a few of the SNES manuals. All games/consoles work great. I hooked each console up last night and played a game and they work just as well as the day I bought them from the store. When I turned on each console I tried one of the controllers with it and they worked great. I did not try any of the extra controllers, where applicable.

I am not sure what a collection like this goes for. Most games in bold, considering their pristine condition, especially some with their boxes and/or manuals, I've seen sell for at least $50 a pop. Just those games in bold alone, not counting any of the consoles, the other 60 games, or accessories, would be worth about $900!


Price:$850 plus shipping
This is all used equipment so it is being sold as-is.

PayPal only

Will ship to US only

I can provide detailed pictures of any game/box/manual/map listed below. Just request it and I will do my best to post it as soon as I possibly can. Feel free to ask questions as well.

Everything is listed by system. Games are listed first and if they come with their box/case, a manual, or a map it is noted.

Games that seem to be rare and/or collectible are in bold. There could be more on this list that I am unaware of. All games are original release (or black label on PS1). No Greatest Hits re-releases here.


Super Nintendo Console
Four controllers (2 original Nintendo brand, 2 generic (one turbo))
2 power cables
audio/video cable
Nintendo cartridge holder

Game Genie

58 games:

Bass Master Classic
Breath of Fire
Breath of Fire II – box
Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball
Castlevania Dracula X
Castlevania IV
Chrono Trigger – box, both maps
Dirt Trax FX
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country (2 copies) – 1 box, 1 manual
Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy Kong Quest
ESPN Baseball Tonight
Extra Innings – box, manual
FIFA International Soccer – box, manual
Final Fantasy II – box, manual, map
Final Fantasy III – box, manual, map
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest – box, manual, map
F-Zero – box, manual
Hal’s Hole in One Golf
Jimmy Conners Pro Tennis Tour – box
John Madden Football ’93 – box, manual, plays map
Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball – box, manual
Ken Griffey Jr.’s Winning Run
Killer Instinct
Kirby Super Star
Kirby’s Dream Course
Lufia & The Fortress of Doom – box, manual
Lufia 2 Rise of the Sinistrals – manual
Madden 95 – box, manual, 2 plays maps
Madden 96
NBA Live 95 – box, manual, plays map
NBA Showdown – box, manual
NCAA Basketball – box, manual
NHL Stanley Cup – box, manual
Nigel Mansell’s World Championship Racing – box, manual
PGA Tour Golf – box
Pilotwings – box, manual
Pocky & Rocky
Robotrek – box
Secret of Mana – box, manual, map
Sim Ant – box, manual
Star Fox – box, manual
Street Fighter II Turbo
Stunt Racer FX – box
Super Baseball 2020
Super High Impact – box, manual
Super Mario All Stars – box, manual
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario RPG – Legend of the Seven Stars
Super Mario World (2 copies)
Super Metroid – box, manual
Super Punch Out – box, manual
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – box, map, manual
Uniracers – box, manual, map
Yoshi’s Island


Gamecube console (version with digital out port)
2 Nintendo brand controllers (black)
2 controller extender cables (~7 ft. each)
4 Gameboy Advance console link cables (3 Nintendo brand, 1 generic)
Nintendo Gamecube brand memory card
power cable
*shares audio/video cable with SNES

7 Games:
Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles – case, manual
Luigi’s Mansion – case, manual
Metroid Prime – case, manual
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes – case, manual
Soul Calibur II – (2 copies), 2 cases, 2 manuals
Tony Hawk’s Underground – case, manual
Viewtiful Joe – case, manual

Playstation 2

1 Sony Dualshock 2 controller
2 Sony brand 8MB memory cards

3 Games:
Dragon Quest VIII demo disc
Maximo – case, manual
Soul Calibur III – case, manual

Playstation 1

Playstation 1 console
Audio video cable
Power cord
Sony brand memory card
1 Sony Controller

5 Games:
Blaster Master – case, manual
Dance Dance Revolution Konamix – case, manual
Final Fantasy 9 – case, manual Gamecube
Thousand Arms – case, manual, collector’s 3D trading card
Xenogears – case, manual


Dreamcast console
2 original controllers
1 Sega brand memory card/mini gameboy looking thingy
audio/video cable
power cord

6 Games:
Crazy Taxi – case, manual
Demo disc of some sort
Fantasy Star Online – case, manual
Gauntlet Legends – case, manual
Soul Calibur – case, manual
Virtual On – case, manual

I've sold/bought a bit on M over the years but I also have eBay feedback hereif you want to check it out (100%).

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Any interest?

Price to high? Make an offer!

I really don't want to ebay my game collection to some random person I have no connection with.
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Mooninites's Avatar
Just a tip: You're likely not gonna sell that here in bulk. You'll find yourself parting out.
Mooninites unite!
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Originally Posted by Mooninites View Post
Just a tip: You're likely not gonna sell that here in bulk. You'll find yourself parting out.

Yeah I figured as much. Still hoping I can find someone on here before turning to the evils of eBay. I really don't want to deal with the hassles of parting out stuff to a ton of different people.

Price seem about right though?
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Originally Posted by Everglo-blue View Post
Yeah I figured as much. Still hoping I can find someone on here before turning to the evils of eBay. I really don't want to deal with the hassles of parting out stuff to a ton of different people.

Price seem about right though?
Having skimmed over what you've got, probably. I'm seeing a lot of games valued around 40-50 (a few 30s), and that's without boxes and manuals. The shape of what you've got plus the sheer amount of what you've got makes it most likely worth what you're asking. Unfortunately, you're gonna have to find someone who doesn't have any collection at all, and, more unfortunately, the kinds of people who would care about having a box and manual and all that probably already have a good chunk of what you're offering.

I wish you luck on selling this set though. Jesus christ it's a great set
Mooninites unite!
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oh man, looking at the SNES games makes me want to go hook mine up. SNES had the best games ever. Super metroid super mario RPG

and fucking uniracers

best of luck buddy!

"Do not be afraid of the darkness, be afraid of what it hides"

- Drizzt Do'Urden

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Thanks for the comments guys.

Last try. $800 plus shipping. Going to ebay Sunday night if no one wants it here.
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