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Grazehell's Avatar
Do you use Walkthroughs?

Not when you are stuck in a spot, I mean to play the game normally. I find it incredibly boring playing through a game with one.
I am constantly browsing through the walkthrough and it disrupts the flow of the game having to pause ever so often to do so. What you think?
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seiferguy's Avatar
I've been using walkthroughs a good bit for certain games. I'm trying to cut back and only use them when I'm stuck. Certain games I just say "okay, I'm not touching a goddamn walkthrough for this" to try and play it through for myself.
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Jari -
Jari -'s Avatar
Constantly. I can't play a game knowing I might have missed something in it. Example, in a Final Fantasy, I just HAVE to complete it 100% without missing any items.

For games like Monkey Island, I try not to, but I'm terrible at them.
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onewheeldoin200's Avatar
I only use one after I've been stuck for a good long while. I at least try to get through on my own steam.
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i just started playing through fallout1 and i got to junktown... there was no way i could have gotten a certain quest done (i hate arriving at night) if i hadnt read up on a walkthrough. i only use it as a last resort however.
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UID=growler's Avatar
If I am walking around in circles for an hour then yes. This happens in every capcom game.
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Inf's Avatar
If I get stuck and get a headache.
Otherwise no.
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lonedawg's Avatar
Depends on the games.

Adventure games I only resort to them if I get stuck, since adventure games are focused with you on the storyline, period.

However games like RPG's and such I sometimes use walkthroughs to make sure I don't miss something, like Jari - I like to know I haven't missed something.

Though I try not to lately with some rpg's (IE stalker, etc). However older ones I usualy do (like fallout and such).
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Suicide King
Suicide King's Avatar
well I've been playing racing and sports games a lot recently and there isn't a whole lot of storyline to wade through in that particular genre.
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Cloud 69
I don't like using them, but then again I hate missing things. Lately I haven't been using them though.
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Originally Posted by Cloud 69 View Post
I don't like using them, but then again I hate missing things. Lately I haven't been using them though.

What he said

altho I always buy the guide if a game has one.

because I'm obsessive compulsive and I think they are a set.
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Xcric's Avatar
depends on the game, or rather, the rpg

if it has things in it such as characters that i can't obtain if i don't do things in a certain sequence, i use a walkthrough, if it doesn't have elements like that, then i don't bother
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sir tex
sir tex's Avatar
some games i'll beat without a walkthrough unless i get stuck for two hours+.

there was one colossi i just couldn't figure out how to kill, but i told myself no outside help. sure enough, after a little while i finally figured out what to do and killed him (the giant water colossi you fight in the lake, with the destroyed shrines around).

i tell myself i'll never use walkthroughs if it's a game with puzzles (god of war, zelda, silent hill, resident evil) because once you figure out how to beat that puzzle, you'll always remember it and it doesn't present a challenge anymore.
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for splinter cell and myst games its a must imo
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growler's Avatar
for huge RPGs like square games I tend to buy the guide with the game but only because I like having a full collection of the game and giant guide

I don't really use the guides unless I need to or I've already beaten the game and want to find everything the second playthrough

I also tend to just read the guides like a giant book if I really like the games

I go through my KH2 guide all the time and I didnt really even crack it open for the actual game

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