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recent graduate, background check (education and gpa verification)

In the background check that you consent to that includes checking your educational background, does the employer call your university to check your graduation status and your GPA? Who do they call? Can the school give out your information like that?
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they just call the records department and ask if you have graduated. the school can give out the fact that you went to school and that you graduated but they aren't allowed to give out classes taken or any grades earned. hope that helps.
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my company made me submit an official transcript as part of the background check and I heard they cross check it grade for grades with the unofficial one you provided before interviewing to see if you lied about anything
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I remember my first job for a finance firm required that I contact my school to send them my transcript.
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The main problem with management degrees is that most companies promote from within the ranks of technical people. Where I work there are probably a few project planners that may have management related degrees but all the other managers came up through the technical ranks. That means that managers of today are often
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It is illegal for a university to give out any information beyond current/former status (i.e. did the person in question attend, what years, and degree status). Anything else such as current address, GPA, classes, financial aid status, ect. requires written consent by the student, there is a federal release of information form you would have to fill out before they give out any other information.
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