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It depends on the class. I've had classes where the professor basically reads out of the book, or gives notes that are directly out of the book. I will skip those when I don't feel like going.
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I typically don't try and miss class but things happen (such as me sleeping in through my alarm clock). I always feel guilty about when that happens so I try and minimize it's occurrences.
This semester though I've gotten into a bad habit of skipping my morning philosophy class as attendance is not mandatory and it usually consists of him rambling on in a circular fashion about some vaguely related topic for nearly 2 hours in class. I usually just play chess on my Palm pilot to pass the time.
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I'm not paying for the classes, I'm paying for the degree, just to clarify.

I skip class pretty frequently, less so now that I am well into my subject though.

One econ class a few years ago I only went for the midterm and the final. I literally had no idea who my professor or TA was. If I could do that more and get A's still, I would.
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hurley griffin
First year didnt go in any classes, apart from getting new assignments and when the assignments had to be handed in.

Second year I went in practically everyday.

Third year I went in to every lesson though we only had about 3 lessons a week and then extra lessons were only because we had group meetings.

Unless the lectures were useless or I could do my practical work at home, then I skipped lessons since I work better at home then in class.
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I skipped a lot of my general ed classes because they were easy and I could learn almost everything I needed on my own. I had a biology class that I only showed up to for midterms and the final. I'd stop by a week or so ahead of time to make sure we were on schedule with the syllabus. I did the same for a physics class, and probably a couple others. Pretty much any class that took place in a large lecture hall with a couple hundred students that made it impossible for the teacher to take attendance got skipped a majority of the time.

When I started taking classes for my major, I stopped skipping except for a few times when I didn't want to be in class or had something else to do.
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I used to skip a lot. Then I realized it's not that great of an idea especially when you don't do much reading at home.
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depends on the class. i skip the stuff i can learn on my own.

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You are throwing hundreds of dollars away when you skip classes. It doesn't matter if it's a class I hate, I show up for that reason alone.
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well, education is free here

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depends on the class of course. sometimes I skipped several times a week. For various reasons really.

If the class was really organized it lent itself to skipping since I know what I was missing. If it wasn't organized I'd never know what I was missing so I'd have to come to see what was going on.

I went to a state school so I have no debt after getting my degree so I guess I didn't worry about the cost.
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Originally Posted by wilse View Post
yes, you are paying a lot of money so why not go
classes are just that much easier if you attend every lecture
at most you have, what, 20 hours of lecture a week
how much of a lazy turd do you have to be that you can't make 20 hours a week?
your jobs will be 40-60 hours a week post graduation, you know

Most of my undergrad classes are:

1) Powerpoints/slideshows/lectures about material from the book.
2) The teacher talks about everything but material from the book.
3) The tests are completely based on material from the book, usually word for word.

I can stay home and read my book for an hour and cover two weeks of material, rather than listening to some guy babble on about something I'm not the least bit interested in, and show up on the test days.

I thought it would be fun to go back to college in my 20's, but it's turned out to be a joke.
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First semester of school i skipped a lot of classes, usually in my major.

needless to say i flunked my major and picked a new one. Your major classes should be the ones you WANT to go to, if not, your in the wrong major.

but for classes like Bio 101 (bio for non bio majors, AKA wikipedia) i skipped a lot. I simply either knew the material, or could easilly access it online.
i showed up to my anthropology class 4 times and got an A.
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cutie patootie <3 bonnie
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During my last semester I had to take any 3 credits to graduate. Due to my school's retarded scheduling system I ended up taking Introduction to Ethics. I never did any of the homework (reading responses), never read the material, got a C on the midterm, and didn't show up to the final exam (25% of grade). Somehow my grade still curved up to a C+

But for all my other college classes, I didn't do that. Things changed once I got up to my last semester. Not to mention a lot of professors wouldn't let you get away with something like that.

Working full time while being a full time student definitely changed my outlook on the courses.
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Depends on what class it is, and what time it is.

If it's an "easy" class, that is basically following the textbook, and early in the morning? I'll skip it a lot more than something that is either interesting, or based more off the prof's lectures than the textbook.

I try to go as much as I can, but with my work/school schedule... Sometimes, I would just rather get the sleep than go to a certain class.
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Originally Posted by 2[H]4U View Post
I got a buddy who skips at least one class every week but still mains a good GPA. I know a lot of students who do this because they don't care about what the prof has to say and just learn on their own.

How often did/do you skip?

I rarely do.

That's not bad at all.

While I was in college, it varied a great deal per semester. Classes where I felt the delivery of the lecture added to the material from the textbook, I'd go to lecture. A handful of science classes, about half my psych classes, and some foreign language classes were things I'd typically go to 90-100% of the time. Less engaging science classes, or ones where the professor very closely followed the book while lecturing (reading the textbook, as opposed to imparting additional information.) I'd go to these about 60% of the time. Other classes -- the rest of my psych classes, and a few other ones where the classroom environment or lecture presentation was really just a waste of my time, I'd only go on test/quiz days. Smaller classes, I'd show up to more often than larger ones.

I averaged 17 hours per semester; typically skipped 2-3 classes a week, and graduated with a ~3.5 overall GPA (including lots of calculus, physics, inorganic and organic chemistry, and biology); 3.9 in my major.
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