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s0me0nesmind1's Avatar
I would guess it averages out to about 1 class per week. I've been a lot better about it this semester in general. Previously I would say more like one day of classes per week
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tegandje's Avatar
skipped 3, made it to 2 on tuesday
it's my last semester so wtf ever
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brfatal's Avatar
I intentionally skipped maybe 2-3 classes thru my entire college career.
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I used to skip my accounting class lectures. I never skipped the labs, but the prof was a waste.
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2[H]4U's Avatar
you had a lab for accounting
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Aldaris's Avatar
Originally Posted by 2[H]4U View Post
I got a buddy who skips at least one class every week but still mains a good GPA. I know a lot of students who do this because they don't care about what the prof has to say and just learn on their own.

How often did/do you skip?

I rarely do.

Never. But I have to pay for my classes and my professors are very tough this semester.
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Originally Posted by 2[H]4U View Post
you had a lab for accounting

most likely where they all gathered into a computer lab to do excel projects involving crosslinked tables, pivot tables, accounting formulas and other fun stuff
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I skip class only when i have a really good excuse.
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maybe 1 class a week depending on what materials we'll be covering in the class. like programming i skip that class once every couple weeks just becasue the materials so easy. i never miss other classes though
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stupid dumbass
Originally Posted by wilse View Post
i agree with that difference
pointing out that difference, however, doesn't mean that students who skip class aren't lazy
i'd wager that the vast majority of students who are skipping class at this very moment aren't sitting at home studying or out feeding the poor
in the end, it is just a personal decision - some will skip, some won't, and for varying reasons

It depends. I have a hard time learning from lecture - I find it much easier to learn either from a textbook or from a set of lecture notes. This is one of the reasons I find it annoying when teachers refuse to post their lecture notes, when they have an electronic copy, in an attempt to "make you go to class" - it's stupid, what's the point, to go to lecture, or to learn the material? Imagine you're giving a business presentation - are you going to tell people there, "I'm not sending anyone the electronic notes so you better be there!" Hell no. You're going to send them the notes because, can you imagine, someone might not remember or write down 100% of what you said?

Anyway, I pretty much guaranteed miss the first 1/2 of my first lecture in a day I also miss roughly every 4th class on top of that. Based on my grades though, well, I think it would be very hard to make the case that I've lost anything due to my attendance.

With regard to homeworks and projects though, I don't think I've missed a single one. I'm almost always the person in the group that does the majority of the work because I tend to push for "overachieving" on the projects rather than doing just enough to make a decent grade. I find homework invaluable in learning the material.

Oh yeah, and I do pay for my own classes, for those of you considered people whose parents pay for their college spoiled.
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I don't skip class unless it's a really really good reason. And by "good reason" I mean like being physically ill or unwell. Health is sometimes more important- if you won't be able to concentrate because of how you feel, it's important to recharge and be able to go to the next class or be OK for tomorrow.

A lot of my teachers take attendance, which I really don't see the point of.

But a couple teachers also say things in class that you need for the test that aren't in electronic notes.

It really depends on the school and you, as a student. My school has a lot of policies that screw you over, as well as teachers who will do the same.

I pay for my own college also.
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Grazehell's Avatar
I went to a public university that 98% of the professor took role because it was required since the university is given money based on student attendance and enrollment.
If you missed more than 5 days of any class you were dropped from the class.
I would probably would miss 2 or 3 classes.
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Bukkakeboy's Avatar
Originally Posted by wilse View Post
yes, you are paying a lot of money so why not go
classes are just that much easier if you attend every lecture
at most you have, what, 20 hours of lecture a week
how much of a lazy turd do you have to be that you can't make 20 hours a week?
your jobs will be 40-60 hours a week post graduation, you know

pretty much this
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Virtually never. I even attended a non-graded language school and I didn't skip.
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Millions's Avatar
It would depend on the class. I had a few that were just...not worth attending.

The one was some computer class...part lecture, part lab...during the lecture portions all the guy would do is surf the internet: "Oh, now this is a a good's called 'Google'". I think I showed up twice to the lecture.

Another computer class I would continuously ditch with this hot goth girl and go to the mall. Seriously, why do they still force remedial computer classes on kids in college? Does ANYONE attend this shit?

Another one was 5 hour marketing class where the guy would talk about how a pack of gum caught his wife's eye at the supermarket. In that class we were put in groups of four and every fourth week our group would have to give a basically we just cycled into the class. Two of us would attend one week, the other two the following week. Then we'd all show up to give the group presentation. Rinse. Repeat. Seriously, 5 hour long classes are brutal as shit. I'd sooner have taken a 7:30 am class.
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