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Originally Posted by Lurker View Post
From the tap but I live in NY, we have the best tasting water.

What do you guys think of those reverse osmosis filters? B.S. or has merit? Im asking for the people above.
They work well from my experience.

And Denver has some good fricken water too
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I drink tap water right now but haven't always, when I lived in Florida I'd typically not drink it unless I couldn't avoid it. It just tasted a little over-chlorinated or otherwise "odd" from the extra processing you need to do for keeping things safe to drink in a tropical environment. I typically like to not have to refill often so I usually drink out of a nalgene filled from tap water while at home, and take one with me to work.
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i just drink it out of the tap
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Originally Posted by diearzte2 View Post
My roommate and I threw down on one of these:

We keep it in the fridge and use it to keep about 5 or 6 nalgenes full of water (also kept in the fridge) so we can just grab a bottle to go or fill a cup up at home. Keeps up with two chronic water drinkers and a lot of our friends. Since we both will fill it up whenever it needs it, we always have a lot of cold water.

Bottled water is really such a dumb idea. These are probably rumors, but I've heard shit like it takes 3 to 10 times as much water to make the bottle than is contained in it, which at the very least seems plausible.

I have one of these. it's awesome.
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I recently did some research on this, nothing scientific but the Zero Water filters sometimes get moldy, the PUR filters get slower over time, and the Brita generally seemed to have the best overall reviews.

The biggest complaint I see is when people buy too small of a pitcher. I suppose it's tempting to buy the 10.00 pitcher but it holds the least amount of water, so be sure to get one that fits your needs.

Unless of course you get a tap filter.
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You can't always taste contaminants, especially harmful chems like fluoride. RO is a good way to go for whole house. Not 100%, but pretty close.
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the Culligan faucet filter actually filters out the most shit besides some whole house models.
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Tap water into a Brita pitcher filter.

Our tap water is probably fine to drink but it has a weird almost metallic smell/taste to it that the Brita removes.
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I won't drink tap water. Too many bad experiences with the color of the water that comes out.
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I ended up going and getting a Brita Filter. I got the Rivera model that holds 8 cups. It also has the timer on it but I don't think it will apply to me. It says you should change it every 2 months for a full family but it is just me. I think I might just wait 3-4 months or wait until it starts tasting bad.
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