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You really need to tear it all out (all the tile). You can't just do part of it. I'm not sure if you can properly fix it with the tub in there either.

The green stuff would be oxidation / corrosion on the copper pipes.
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Originally Posted by marter View Post
cut it all out, new green board and new tiles not hard just takes patience

Originally Posted by alphaivt View Post there a method that i should use to blend the old drywall and the new cement board? such as taping them or will applying flexbond over it be sufficient?

That's why you want to save as much good drywall as you can. When you get your new tile (you don't have to go back with the same shit) after layout you recut the drywall, having the old drywall come about 2" - 3" inches in. In other words, after you tile the new tile should be over cement board AND over a couple of inches of old drywall. That saves you patching drywall. Of course, the drywall has to be in good shape, if it's not, demo it out and just patch. The joint between the drywall and cement board treat like joints in cement board: flexbond+joint tape (fiberglass mesh).

Originally Posted by alphaivt View Post
another question (asked in one of the pictures). there seems to be some water leakage that drips to the floor below (the garage).

While the wall is open (after demo and clean up) run the shower, obviously trying to keep the spray in the tub). Check to see if plumbing leaks. Keep in mind it may be a slow leak so run it for awhile, both hot and cold water so the spray is warm (but don't make it steamy). Check all areas of exposed pipe. Shine a flashlight down where plumbing is, see what you can see.

Originally Posted by alphaivt View Post
i was looking at the piping and is the green stuff rust or lime? could that be the cause of the water dripping outside of the tub?

It could be, see above, but that color is common on sweated pipe fittings. In and of itself is not a worry, unless, of course, it's leaking.

After the demo it's time to think about tile. You don't have to go back with the same 4x4 you know. Here's a few pics of some work I've done to give you an idea, most of these tiles cost the same or just a little more then 4x4. (both of these tile jobs the tile was from home depot) Don't be afraid to get a little creative, since you're not under the gun you can take some time and do a nice job that you'll be proud of.

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