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Tidy cats FTMFW
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I dont much care for cats however if you're going to get the one you may as well get two. They will have someone to play with and they are already pretty low maintenance.
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having 2 kittens is is better for the little kittens..because both are from the same place also,once you take them they will not feel alone and they will not get scared as much..and ya..then kittens will be able to play with each other it will be easy for you..but then you have take care of two instead of one..
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2 cats = 3 litter boxes.

We get by with one box for 2 cats, but it gets stinky really fast.
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litter purrfect lemongrass is the best smelling and odor eliminating litter I've used. I stopped screwing around with automatic litter boxes long ago, not worth it. Just get a large box and keep it clean yourself. I use an under bed storage bin for my litter box. It's like 4feet long by two feet wide and works great with my four indoor cats. Between the volume of the litter box and the good litter I can go a week without a cleaning before it even starts to smell at all.

if you are going to have multiple cats you might as well get them at the same time. they get along better that way most of the time. sometimes if you introduce a new cat to a home that already has one or more they can get territorial and mean with the newcomer.
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also for non cleaning boxes the best litter for multiple cats is the pine shavings/dust. it's all natural, much cheaper, lighter to carry, easier to clean and we get NO odour with multiple cats.

I recommend everyone try a bag, it's cheap anyways.
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