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Go to the interview. Trust me. I was able to basically double my salary in 2 years this way. Feels good to be wanted, doesn't it? Go with that feeling.
I'm the King of Wishful Thinking.....
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shabubu's Avatar
phone interview is scheduled.

next step is... when they ask me where im working, do i play up the fact that i like my current job? that is, should i act like im interested but wouldn't be bothered much at all if i didnt get an offer?

or do i try to sound like i'm willing to spread my butt cheeks for a spot because it's that super fucking jawsome and competitive there?

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Stereodude's Avatar
FWIW, I would not let them know that you'd leave your current job or the same or less money. In fact I think you want to talk up your current job, how you like it, how you think you have a good chance for advancement, etc. But, that you'd be open to leaving for the right opportunity (unless they know your job sucks and you're just blowing hot air). Odds are the fact that you really like your current job isn't going to count against you when they're considering you against other candidates (they'll either think your good a fit or not), but it sets the bar higher if they want to poach you. So, if they like you they'll know they're going to have to really bring their a game to get you to leave the great job you have. That means more salary, benefits, etc...
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