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Originally Posted by Fiah View Post
But acidfast, full throttle is a scary place! If a car doesn't get to 60 with just a yiff of throttle, it's too damn slow

I swear that the Audi runs and drives better at 130km/h+ than anytime below that speed.

I just did a 400km drive at 160km/h and it was actually quite nice. The construction areas around Wrzburg are a bitch though.
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omg 2.slow
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Originally Posted by solareon View Post
Umm... TDI maybe?

a tdi is 10K more.

the new jettas are cheaped out pieces of crap. all hard fisher price plastic. if you want a cheap car and are sure you want a lease, go for it. you wont have to worry about the dubios quality of the new cheap jettas and VW's "legandary" reliability.
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acidfast7's Avatar
yeah, I think it's tough for you guys stateside.

you really don't have any options for something with a decent interior and reasonable fuel economy for under 20k. the VWs in that range do have really shit interiors.

the fiesta is in an interesting option, but after sitting in one or two of them, the interior really is a nightmare that only Ford/Mazda could make.
I always post that shitty animated .gif of a boulder tumbling down a hill.
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Do you have any room in the budget for something more than base Jetta?

If you have 20, id say a base Nissan Altima would be a much better choice maybe even an Element.
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theWITNESS's Avatar
The base 2.5S Altima is extremely cheaply built. Its build quality is on par with the Jetta. The CVT is annoying as balls, the engine feels tinny, the car is just generally so damn annoying. I'd know; my dad has a 2010 2.5S with the luxury package.

I was at an Enterprise this morning; the guy had 3 Altimas sitting there. I waited for an hour just so I wouldn't have to deal with one of those.
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Focus, Mazda2, anything else. the base jettas are LOUSY.
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Fri'Chickenisha's Avatar
I really think you should get a BMW M3.
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Tex Arcana
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Originally Posted by Fri'Chickenisha View Post
I really think you should get a BMW M3.

did the BM crowd hire you to spam every thread?
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Rancidpunk666's Avatar
fully loaded elantra with leather and nav for like 23k,

you can get a base model which is 23 gazillion times better than a jetta s for the same money and they get like 41mpg on 87,
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