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I needed to slow my Caddy down (pics)

So I decided to add about 100 pounds to it the fun way.
Decided to just do the shit myself because I'm not looking for the greatest sound system in the World. I do like bass-heavy music though.
Picked up a 1000 watt JL Audio Class D amp, an enclosure, a 4 gauge amp wiring kit, and my favorite subs (ran these in my Explorer and Lightning and they jammed).

Anyways, I ordered the box off Ebay and it's custom built for 2009-2014 CTS Sedans. I told the guy I was putting 2 12's in, and he said as long as I found a 12" Sub that liked a hair less than 1.0 ft^3 in a sealed enclosure, I'd be good. He said he used Alpine Type R's. I don't have the heart to put anything with the term "Type R" in my vehicle. The RE's were a lot more expensive, but they're killer subs.

Anyways, I had a few hours free last night after work so I figured I'd at least get the subs all wired up (they're DVC 2-OHM per sub).


Uhhhhhh.. whatthefuck guy?

That had me bent , but then I realized that I have power tools for days. Grabbed the JigSaw and got loose on the rings.

Ahhhhh. MUCH better.

Added some guards since I tend to carry 3 backpacks full of random stuff in my trunk at all times and wanted to keep the subs somewhat safe.

Now I'm just waiting on some more free time to pull the rear seat, delete the stock sub-woofer, fatmat the hell out of the trunk and deck, and wire up the amp. Also debating whether I should do a bigger battery or a second battery. I know class D amps are efficient, but I'm thinking that I may need some more reserve.

Oh, and speaking of slowing it down some more, I also need to set aside some time to slap all 4 of these big bitches on. At least they make great can holders in the meantime

I'm the King of Wishful Thinking.....

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dem rotors.
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Karen's Shed
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where's the video w/ loose change bouncing on the trunk? or are you still "breaking them in"
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Colonel Sanders
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You never replied to my therad, damnit!
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lollersk8s's Avatar
So what Vas are they? Whats the box volume? it sounds like you may have ignored his reasonable advice.

I'd model them in something like unibox first, also I wouldn't bother running a dual 12 when a single 10 or 12 is more than enough. I do miss bass in my own car, but hardly ever listen to music these days in it. maybe a bit of radio to get through traffic. Not sure what happened, I used to be all about this stuff and now I just want my window down and some peace and quiet when I'm not listening to the motor doing work.
Originally Posted by she nice
i do drink but it's not as effective for immediate relief
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You should make a video, bro.
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