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Forever Domon
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Garden[M]ay: Buying trees in bulk online?

Anyone have experience with buying tree starters (2-3 feet) online anywhere? Im looking to line my property line with fast growing evergreens of some sort, and was thinking Leyland Cypresses. However, none of the local nurserys stock the kind of numbers I need. I estimate that I need a minimum of 40 to make an adequate boundary, and they have maybe half that, 10 of which are good in current stock.

Any experiencing buying stuff like that online?
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Can't say I have much experience but this did come to mind:

10 "free" trees from Arbor Day Foundation (no idea if there is a catch, you do have a limited selection though)
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Forever Domon
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They sure do have some spectacular prices there in their store Dan. Im wondering if the quality will be better too since they're a non-profit who actually cares about the trees.

The leyland cypress'es they offer are really small (6 inches), but there are other options like a 5 foot weeping willow for 10 bucks (normally 30 on other websites), and a lot of equivalent deals
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Check for tree farms in the area. Stay away from small nurseries and go to their suppliers. They shouldn't be too hard to find and then you can hand pick your trees.
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I buy a lot of stuff from Jung. They are great, and they do internet orders too. I think it might be too late in the year to make a big order, though. Give them a call to see what's up. I'm pretty sure they ship everywhere.
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I bought from Gurney's but for that many, you'd probably be better off bargaining a deal with the home depot manager by you close to clearance time.

And you can't beat the arbor day foundation deals.
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