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didn't have xbox live when i was playing mw1 so meh i have nothing to compare it to. some people just take online gaming to seriously
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Original COD here. I used to rawk online games in COD S&D.
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Cool Kid
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Originally Posted by huxley View Post
Its weird you think that. I have put quite a few hours in playing with a buddy in team deathmatch. I stand by all my points, are you trying to tell me the weapons and perks are pretty ridiculous compared to the first game? Or that this version is much more of a camping style game? This is one of the only games I have played where I felt like I had to do a good amount of camping to be a top player and games like that arent fun to play.

i never camp and always have at least a 2:1 ratio. i really don't encounter that much camping in this game, either. i usually play tdm and s&d.
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yeah, you have to stay mobile in this game. kill cam makes a lot of campers either get owned or have to move.
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dk again
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I don't care, my .50 is fall at level 60...

I'm not bragging just saying I'm sure some script kiddies got it done at 20.
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predator missile ....chopper gunner....I mean, what more do you want?
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Originally Posted by hobart View Post
predator missile ....chopper gunner....I mean, what more do you want?

how about shotguns as a secondary or better yet akimbo (dual) shotguns.

one man army danger close n00b tube?

these are really my only gripes with the game.
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