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Quicksand in England?

Anyhow, this stuff would be pretty scary to be in. Looks so thick you have to almost try to get stuck but once you are it could get serious if you panic.

+ YouTube Video
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what a goober

we basically learned nothing about how to free yourself if you get stuck and don't have the rescue people within 1' of you lol
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refault would look good in that hole
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It's extremely unlikely for people to actually get stuck or die in quicksand. In real quicksand with flowing water, you would float once enough of you was in it. The problem comes when you are in the quicksand and the water stops flowing causing the sand to solidify and trap you there or possibly mechanically asphyxiate you from the pressure of the sand on your body.

However, that condition mostly happens in man made quicksand demonstrations for TV, not in reality.
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DirtyZero's Avatar
I always wondered how common quick sand actually was
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what a tosser.
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Originally Posted by DirtyZero View Post
I always wondered how common quick sand actually was

about as common as water and sand... particularly in places where there is both.
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Originally Posted by DirtyZero View Post
I always wondered how common quick sand actually was
Common enough that you should always have a *camera crew along when you walk around deep sand.

*with strict orders to drop the fucking camera and help if needed.
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