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So stupid, I need help with iTunes. Thanks McFatter!
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HTPC Build First Major Problem - Not projecting to HD TV properly

As discussed here in May, my roommates and I were considering building an HTPC or just a NAS and using a media player. With the help of you all, we wisely chose to build the HTPC. The specs we ended up going with are below. If you need specific links, I can provide it.

Case: SilverStone GD05B
Mobo: Asus P7H55-M PRO
Processor: Intel Core i3 Processor
Video Card: HIS H545H1G Radeon HD 5450
Harddrives: Two 2TB Hitachi Deskstar and One 250GB 2.5" WD
Power Supply: Rosewill RV350 350W ATX
Keyboard / Mouse: Rosewill RKM-800RF Cordless

We have gotten everything built and overcame one problem already. One of the Hitachi drives was clicking and we concluded it was dead on arrival and have successfully begun the RMA process. However, we have encountered an even bigger problem with video. For some reason, we are unable to output the HTPC to the television in our living room in a way that looks good. The TV we have is a Mitsubishi WD-52628. We understand it doesnít broadcast 1080p so have come to conclusion that we will just do 720p for now. However, we cannot even get this to work. I went through the manual (link below), and saw that HDMI 2 is the only PC input connection allowed. We did that and using NetCommand renamed it to Computer and had it setup as PC. However, even when using that, it still looks horrible with not filling up the full screen and refresh rate extremely low that it hurts my eyes to look at. We are using the latest ATI Catalyst Drivers and using the 1280 X 720 resolution with 60Hz refresh rate that the manual specifies is the max it can do. I donít want to full the thread of what I have tried because then no one will read and help but please provide some suggestions. If you need specifics, feel free to ask. Anyone that helps, we would greatly appreciate it!

Manual Link:
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Thanks to Sanjay for letting me back in.
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didn't you ever learn to not use hitachi drives?

c'mon, do us proud

as for the crappy video output, it really depends on the display you are using.

Try using 1366x768 output, that is what i settled with on a sammy dlp. but ymmv.

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quick search turns this up:

All of the sets have two HDMI inputs, one of which accepts computer video formats ranging from VGA (640x480) to XGA (1024x768), all at 60Hz. Separate jacks are also provided in case you need to connect stereo audio from a DVI source. (HDMI conveys video and audio over the same cable; DVI is a video-only connection, requiring a separate cable for the accompanying audio that can be connected via HDMI with a simple "breakout" cable.)

so maybe you are trying to ask too much of it, also as for fitting the screen, i know nvidia has the option to adjust the overscan and you can usually compensate for the display.

by default most dlp's overscan the video inputs ~5%, this is held over from the days of crt when the picture would shrink due to the aging of the tubes, however in a digital display there is no need for this, to compensate for a computer connection, the display then resizes the computer output to that smaller than the screen, otherwise it would be cutoff, which gives you the border around your picture. unless you are familiar with the service menus in the display, or have an option to adjust the overscan in the htpc, you are unlikely to get rid of the borders. if effect you are taking the resolution of the htpc, and after a couple video conversions, you are no longer at a 1:1 pixel ratio, so you get fuzzy distorted output.

hope some of this was of help.

edit: you can always try feeding the pc signal through a video processor if nothing else can fix your problems. also try hooking the pc to the other hdmi, the tv has no way of know what kind of device is hooked to the other end, pixels are pixels after all. the tv may not try to format as funny, crank it up to 1920x1080 and see what happens.

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What happens when you tell the TV its NOT a computer, and then set the computer to output at 1920 x 1080?

Like Boobmeister said, the TV doesnt know you have a computer connected at the other end of the HDMI cable unless you tell it so. And some TV's do some gay shit when they think a PC is connected.

Just tell it the signal is coming from a BlueRay player or something and they output at 1920 x 1080, should work fine.

If that fails, try another monitor to see if its possibly a video card setting.
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thanks...for sharing...
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