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DVR and Fileserver Combo - Possible?

Normally I would just try this and see what happens, but I am dealing with a relatively critical component of this business's security system.

The situation:
Business has a very old workstation that runs windows 2000 and hosts some files on the network. In this same office, there is a Windows XP box set up by a local security company the runs a DVR system with 6 motion-activated cameras. I want to combine these two boxes - I want the Windows XP system to be both the file host and DVR system. I've purchased a new Dell workstation to be used in the day-to-day tasks of this employee, so this combined box will be ONLY recording the DVR images and serving up a half dozen files in a 5 computer environment.

The issue
Like all reputable businesses, this security company left no discs for the DVR PCI capture card. There are no manufacturers listed on the card and I cannot find a driver. In calling and talking to the business attempting to figure out what model PCI card this is, the representative flat out told me - do NOT run this box doing anything else other than the DVR system.

Upon asking why, he claimed that the sheer volume of data flowing around will corrupt the filesystem and while it might last 6 months, it would fail eventually.

Now, if you ask me, as long as the Windows XP partition and the DVR capture location are on different drives, there shouldn't be any issue with this workstation. Thoughts? Is this guy nuts?
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It sounds like his answer is , yes. But.. if its not broke, don't fix it.
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Grab an ISO of the xp box before you do anything. This way when shit does go cattywompus you can put it back and act like nothing happened.
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make an image of the DVR system, and then throw an external harddrive on there for network files. if the DVR unit ever dies, just restore the image and youre good.

or make the new workstation the file server and let the DVR be.

also, for the DVR card look at the main chip on the board and search for that. ive had decent luck finding drivers like that
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if they actually want to have a security dvr, just buy a little speco unit or something. Then it's self contained and can run wherever.
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