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diebold works in the world of ATMs

more then likely their voting machines are based somewhat on that architecture, being two seperate master keys entered by two different people that make a single master key, something that will not be known by either user or hard coded into a chip and is set at each machine. thus these chips though proprietary probably don't do much more then encryption based on a master key that is unique to each machine and will only cost diebold in IP vs add to fraudualant voting.

not saying I like electronic voting as there is still plenty of places to fuck the process but most likely this isn't one of those places
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Read the article. What the writer's are concerned about is the 'holdover stop' where the machines get held a night before the election.
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Originally Posted by wr3kt View Post
If you've ever worked in any sort of shipping anything - packages that are sealed shitty can be prone to a) everything falling out from the "delicate" nature of shipping, b) pissed off employees who decide this package looks interesting and could make a buck off them, c) anything else.

Let's also take into consideration that if someone wanted to manipulate these machines, they would have replaced the EPROMS with ones that are rigged and NOT just remove them to only cause future problems since delivery methods will now be changed considering this compromise.

Calm down
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Originally Posted by Komataguri View Post
Calm down

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