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Internship fair/growing up/later college years

Just a self realization that hit me like a bag of bricks today .

My college has a career fair where big companies come with lots of swag and want to see what you know, if your gpa is high enough and how badly you want to work for them.

This would be my junior year (3rd year) and after going for two years and having my confidence crushed because I was an underclassman (and I know I really haven't taken many classes in my major yet so I really can't contribute anything to motorola or nvidia when I just learned about XOR gates today in class). I wasn't planning on going since I knew not much had changed, not much more knowledge since my last attempt but then decided to update my resume quickly and stop by a few places. I did and I prepared myself for being turned down so I wouldn't get as crushed. I went over to the nvidia booth (a very smart decision to go to a large name company and expect a handout) and they had a small technical quiz for you to fill out before you talked to a guy there. I could answer roughly 1/3rd of the questions and I know they weren't very hard, They were just questions over material from classes I had not taken yet (I couldn't really do anything about that).

I went up to talk to the guy and he told me it looked like "I had to brush up on my stuff and that it was up to me at this point". Then I walked away with one of their green lite up pens.

I wasn't too shaken after I got turned down, but I realized something an hour later while working on a pre-lab. I went to a companies booth asking for an internship, and got a pen. I remember when I would go to these career fairs, not dress up nor print out my resumes and just grab tons of swag. I was happy as ever because I got random cool free stuff. Now I realize how stupid I was. This free shit is the fucking looser prize. The free lite up pens and yo-yos are the "sorry please try again" under the cap of a god dam 7up bottle.

While I know I still have at least 2 years of undergrad left and almost all of my classes out of the way (and that I will be learning all of my computer engineering stuff pretty soon) it just really has me worried that even though I will graduate from a good school, will I end up with a job after all? Will a company see a 2.7 G.P.A. computer engineer and want to pay him 50,000$ a year?

All the loser prizes I've been getting just has me a bit worried.........
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Well for one, you could have a degree in botany and get a job most anywhere. Having a degree typically just shows the interviewer that you are responcible enough to dedicate several years of your life to achieve a goal. Most jobs do on site training and nearly every friend of mine with a degree doesn't even work in that particular field.

Learn now, that its WHO you know not WHAT you know that will likely up you in the ranks. A degree is a staple to getting your foot in that door, then its up to you to make the rest happen. A degree is not a stamp of guarantee that you will like what you do, get paid well, or anything. It gives you and 'edge' over the other guy w/o a degree.

You will learn at some point that if you want something bad enough, its only going ot happen if you make it happen. If you want a job with company A, you'll get it if you make it happen. Sound silly ? Its not, and it took me years to realize this before it finally sank in. Persistance, dependability, and determination are what will drive your career forward in your near future.

Just study harder, do what you can now to graduate (and raise your GPA if you so please). Once out, do not have the mentality that since you have a degree.. now life starts. Set an ultimate goal (employment?), and then set realistic break down goals that will ultimately lead you there. Be realistic, and don't be afraid to take an entry level position. Most important, always be thinking that you are being observed. Work hard, volunteer, and be that guy everyone wants on their team ... and when doors open for you, you're ready.

Make that of life, which you please.
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