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Straw Man
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Originally Posted by iMaven View Post

I didn't expect the reception to be this inappropriate.

Thanks, though, for helping me be a little more realistic.
Lol this world really is full of people who need to be pushed in the right direction.
I really hope this forum/thread is just a huge anomaly of corruption and not a direct reflection of the majority..

I bet it's full of marijuana bashers, too, from reading a couple pages.

I really don't understand what people are intending to gain by trying to cause others to feel insecure and stupid.
What's funny is how everyone chimes in together...
fucking pathetic, actually.
especially when the poster of this can write out his logic, instead of going "bah you're dumb GTFO!!"

and that video on how crop circles are made is ridiculous.. it doesn't compare to half the pictures the OP posted up..

So many mindless comments.

and yah, aliens coming down and landing is going to be so well received by the Gov't and people...dude just get ready for the alien deception coming your way.
aliens want to be involved with us as little as possible. which is why the real aliens are using subtle messages in my opinion.
and if it is mapping out a space ship, that would make a lot more sense than any other theory i've heard (spiritual messages/symbolism.. anyone have any other ideas what they'd be trying to say to us?)
If you even watched the videos he linked there was pictures of a machine they built that lifted up using Electromagnetism.
it's interesting. i'd have to watch the rest of the videos to pick which side of the line i stand on, though.

the OP only started losing my vibes when he started saying they were "interdimensional".
possible, but doubtful..

Why people address others who put forth their time, thought, and effort into sharing something they cherish with contempt and narcissism is beyond me.
I don't think I ever had that problem.

you're gay
"dogs came to man to make friends and help us hunt and guard unlike pigs"
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crop circles are real ... as in they exist..
but it still doesn't make them alien made :-p
Old 11-06-2011, 02:27 PM  
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Crop Circles? Regardless who made these diagrams, I think they resemble fancy mission statement diagrams. I have deducted three or four types, in case anyone cares to muse over them. 1)the impulse or multiple impulse mission statement. 2) the target or cardinal mission statement. 3) the marshall mission statement. The ones that look like mandels seem to point out that we are infact standing on one anothers shoulders to get things done. I also point out that since these are drawn on our food, that we are probably invited to invest. But don't eat too much.

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Yeap, it's another ry_goody d00pe
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This thread just keeps on being awesome.
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Originally Posted by Baloneyflaps View Post

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Patriotic Eagle
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Just tryin to find you a job man.
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