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Originally Posted by [H]ard|On View Post
try weed.
Unfortunately, I can't use it due to my job. Does it help with pain?
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my acupuncture doctor was able to reverse my asthma in 6 months havent had it since
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Originally Posted by keepinitreal View Post
my acupuncture doctor was able to invert my penis into a vagina in 6 months havent had it since

Gen[M]ay. Who needs members? We have mods.

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tell me i is retarded and i will just potato
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Originally Posted by AllUranusBelong2Me! View Post
Unfortunately, I can't use it due to my job. Does it help with pain?

It really does. A slight pain killer effect but mostly it takes your mind away from the particular area and gives you a pleasant state of mind. So you can generally forget about it.
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Old 04-08-2012, 01:24 AM [H]ard|On is offline  
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I had it forced on me once. Surprisingly enough, sticking needles in onces outer skin does not actually cure anything. At least it was free.

Waffles at the fucktard who saw an acupuncturist to fix the chiropractors fuckup. Perhaps you should sacrifice a virgin to fix the acupuncturists fuckups.
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I've been continuing to go to my acupuncturist to treat my headache issue. Been going like 3 months now, once a week. I have to say it is doing something.

I discovered something new about acupuncture over my prior suspicions. There is a more objectively defined effect occurring than what I suspected before.

One of the things acupuncturists will do with the needles is they will try to identify portions of your muscular and ultimately energetic system which are tight, constricted or blocked. Then stick a needle in them.

I have headaches and my muscles on my temples are TIGHT and my jaw muscles are super tight. For most needles the acupuncturist will just pierce the skin. But there are also instances where they will put the needle in deeper and actually get it into the muscle. And if you get a needle placed into a really tight muscle, and then let it sit there for an hour, as acupuncturists do, the muscle will relax and not be as tight.

So for now like 3 months, once a week. The acupuncturist has been running a series of needles up my jaw muscles and through my temples and I can actually tell now that the jaw muscles are not as tense. I can feel the needle actually go into those muscles with less and less resistance as those muscles have been conditioned now to remain less tense, and the level of my constant headache has gone down a bit now.

So if you have any issue that may be alleviated by the conditioning of specific muscles to not be as tense, acupuncture may help. But I'm still suspicious if it could do anything for anything else. Like the acupuncturist said she was treating me for potential allergies as well... which that whole process seemed kind of bullish to me beyond placebo.
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Like this?
There is nothing to worry about. Legions of wise people with nothing but all of best interests at heart are ensuring our future of love and infinite bliss. Go watch TV :Bflaps
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tell me i is retarded and i will just potato
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I don't know what getting stabbed with needles costs but weed is about $300 per ounce.

I'm going to say it works a hell of a lot better for stress relief and general well being though.
Make Genmay Great Again
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