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Pretty powerful stuff.

+ YouTube Video
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Jack's raging erection
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Also, I'm looking for a good excuse to cause anarchy.
My real name is Shaved Dog's Ass.
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tell me i is retarded and i will just potato
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Should this thread be moved to PMO?
Make Genmay Great Again
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I <3 d4rkme4t
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<domisi> i'm not in anyone's sig
\(_o)/ IRC Partay!! \(o_)/
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<--- EVOM
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did they really like... loop the same "water being poured" sound byte like 14 times?
[QUOTE=BlisterDick;25482810][b]PLZ keep door unlock for roach and spider[/b][/QUOTE]
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Last summer I left a couple of $20s on the kitchen table and they went missing. I asked my son if he has taken them and he just gave me that blank look. I threw him in the bathtub, got a gallon of cold water out of the fridge, and a towel, and proceeded to waterboard him until he told me the truth. Well he denied it the whole time between sobs/crying/screaming. Turns out the wife picked them up and put them under the napkin holder on the table to keep them from blowing off and I just didn't see them. I just cracked up laughing after that.

We went camping later that summer right before school, and when I reached in the cooler to get out a jug of water junior ran off screaming into the woods. Kids are funny as hell.
"Oil leak, what oil leak? That puddle under the car is just sweat from all that horsepower."
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